Writing Aids I Would Love

We’ve had a bit of a long break since our last entry. To kick start posts again, I thought it might be fun to fantasize about non-existing (or out of my price range) writing aids.

I would love a spell checker that highlighted those words that are spelled correctly, but are not the word I indented,... wait, intended, not indented. I think every writer has dealt with this problem.

I would love a desk that holds my laptop at the perfect ergonomic position.  Something that folds small enough to fit inside a clutch purse.

I would love a user friendly program that allows writers to organize all aspects of creating a novel: family trees for those complex interconnected towns, world maps and government matrix, and an outline system that works with Word with a ribbon or header of some kind that keeps key story elements in my face so I can keep everything consistent while I write.

I would love to combine being a productive writer with house work or even better, exercise.  One word = one calorie burned.

I would love an automated editor, like the existing grammar check only super charged to accurately highlight repetition in words or sentence structure.  Better still would be great if it could tell me when I’m rambling off on a tangent or when a character needs to die.

I would love a program that creates an image based on written input – for characters, rooms, … anything.  You type, small furry animal with bulging yellow eyes and perky ears, … and an image is generated.

I would love a file cabinet & book cases that sinks into a secret wall space. Something that opens and closes with a super secure locking system, maybe something with a biometric lock.  Don’t know how much this would help with writing, but it would be awesome.

What non-existing or too expensive writing aid would you like?

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3 Responses to Writing Aids I Would Love

  1. Trish says:

    I have a specific desire that I’ve been looking for: A quarter-notebook sized tablet that can read my handwriting, my specific handwriting and shorthand, and translate that chicken-scratch into a Word document.

    It ought to exist by now!

    Alas, no. :(

    More fantastical… I’m with Kim on the perfectly ergonomic desk for my laptop that would fit into my purse.

    Or, at the very least, a laptop that could fold so small, like a Transformer, and fit into my purse and not weigh a lot… and fold out to a full size keyboard and still have a 12-hour battery life.

    Though, a Drawer of Holding or two in my desk might also make my life a bit easier. :)

    Thanks for the fun brainstorming!

  2. karen says:

    I need an aid that will stand over me and force me to write the minimum. Hmmm….whip? Chains? Leather…:D That’s a whole new blog.

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